SZABÓ András
SZABÓ András


I am SZABÓ András

  • MSc in Computer Science
  • Bioengineer and MBA dropout
  • Co-founder and CEO of the 3x Deloitte Fast 50 iData, the best ever fleet management and tracking company of the World.
  • Young Leader of 2015 award winner

I must admit to be a bit biased, but I really believe iData is one of the most interesting companies in the World.

We are in some of the few companies in Hungary that actually have it's own technology. We did IoT when it did not have its name. We did agile when it was called "extreme programming". We did stream processing when we could not find anything similar, we called it Vizsla. We designed and manufactured our state-of-the-art sensors when only a few pioneers did.

Internship opportunity

Did you consider which company you should go as an intern to best test and develop your abilites?

What you should seek for:

  • a team who gives you responsibility and help you achieve actual results - yes, as an intern too
  • a team who managed to rise a company with it's own technologies (not bought from abroad)
  • a team who reached 130 people by its own strength
  • a team who has 10+ years history and culture of internship
  • a team who is of friendly people who started just here as interns too - just as you
Too good to be true? Maybe. Please only apply if you would probably be bored elsewhere doing easy stuff and you really want to contribute.


My dear Project Lab class!

You can always reach your team's points from this page. If you are interested in my old but surprisingly actual advices, download as PDF from the ancient 2007.

Just as I promised, here is my favorite page about software design patterns: Most interesting topics to read related to the Project Lab course: